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The perfect fit

Personalised language coaching to suit your needs

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Who Am I?

English Teacher and Neurolanguage Coach

Hi! I'm Ruth and I have been helping people achieve their language goals for over 20 years.
I combine my teaching skills, my language knowledge, and my experience with coaching style conversations and brain-friendly activities to help you achieve your language goals effectively and efficiently.
I'm a keen language learner too. I have studied over 10 different languages. This means that I can put myself in your shoes; I know all the different emotions and experiences associated with learning a language.

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What do I offer?

Tailor-made Language Learning

Neurolanguage coaching techniques focus on you, the learner. We will work together to establish your goals and your motivation for learning, and we will then create a plan for you to achieve these goals in a time frame that works for you. Once we have this plan, I will use my teaching skills and experience along with my language knowledge to create a course for you. This is not one size fits all teaching, it's a made-to-measure course that's the perfect fit for you!

  • General English

  • Test Preparation

  • English for Business

  • English for Academic Purposes

  • English for Specific Purposes

Complete the 'Schedule a Session' form below to arrange your free goal setting session.

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Hi Ruth,
You're a such a wonderful teacher  I ever met in my life and I hope if I started my learning journey with you, your kindness, helpful and guidance  they were always being for me same like  a candles in my way to show me  the light in my long journey to achieve my goal.
thank you thank you thank you


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